Behind The Scenes of ‘RED-HANDED’ with Video!

As stated in the previous entry, ‘Red-Handed’ entered pre-production in March 2011 as Mel V (aka Tiny Dukes) and I were still moving ‘Horror Movies Suck’ to the finish line in post production.  The idea for this short originated in September 2010 after our first screening of ‘HMS’ (which is where we discovered that our sound mix still needed a lot of work – D’oh!).  At this point, I had been to numerous festivals and realized how many short films didn’t have enough story to support it’s running time or suffered from other various pacing issues.

‘HMS’ is was first experiment in trying to address these issues in my own work by delivering a tight yet entertaining short without losing quality of story or characters.  And whereas ‘HMS’ is more of an absurdist satire of the horror genre, ‘Red-Handed’ is the same approach but with more of a straight forward narrative.

I began pre-production with old friend and constant collaborator Damien Hedgecoth and our newly found friend and business partner Bryan Brewer.  Soon after we began pre-production, Allie Rivera, another actress and producer, joined Hydra Productions, LLC and we marched forward to June 2011, ready to get this shindig underway.

Initially, we had scheduled a two-day shoot for this film.  We were all busting ass to get everything in line for it, when 5-days before actual production, a scheduling conflict arose.  Thinking fast and burning the candle at both ends, we were able to condense the shoot into one solid day.  So, we knew that whatever we were gonna shoot had to be enough to walk away with a finished film.

There were a few major issues that occurred like the smoke alarm constantly going off negating our use of the fog machine to add 3D shards of light texture in certain shots, shooting an actor out as fast as possible so he can make a flight for his mother-in-law’s funeral, and the grill not working for our Cookout lunch for cast & crew.

But thankfully, we were blessed with so many talented and dedicated people, that even though we were fighting against the clock, that we walked away with everything we needed to finish the film.  And it was still a fun fucking shoot!  “How much fun” you ask?  See for yourself!


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