RED-HANDED (short film 2011)

Linking to the previous article, I began pre-production on this short as Mel V and I were finishing post on ‘Horror Movies Suck.’  Damien Hedgecoth, who plays “Lance” in ‘HMS’, was one of the stars of this short as well as being one of the head producers in our newly forged company, Hydra Productions, LLC .  Take a look, if you dare!



Two brothers find themselves trapped by a creature of darkness in an upscale mansion after a failed attempt at stealing a valuable artifact.

The short film stars Bryan Brewer (“Infection: The Invasion Begins”), Damien Hedgecoth (“Horror Movies Suck”), Gildart Jackson (“Charmed”), and Allie Rivera (“Yoga Man”). Written, edited, and directed by JohnMark Triplett (“Horror Movies Suck” and the upcoming feature film “Dead Flesh”).



Review Excerpts:

“The filming is slick, and the story involves a classic creature with some modern nuances.” –

“…its quick execution is pretty fun…” –

“Triplett has crafted a fun ,visuallly interesting horror which sticks rigidly to the genres conventions.” – Triggerstreet

“Short filmmakers should take note at how Triplett condenses plot through simple yet effective scripting and smart editing. Triplett knows what he’s doing.” –



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