Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and since this is a time (or excuse) for people to come together and break bread, I thought I’d share some JMT history on the subject as well as some other possible insights.  Doubtful!  BAM!!!  Take that sweet burn, me!

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee with an emphasis on how important family is.   So much so, that every Sunday, we’d  drive out to see my grandmother on my mom’s side.  Thanksgiving was no difference.  We’d drive out to my grandma’s as would my mom’s 11 brothers and sisters, numerous cousins, and the Triplett clan.  We’d be there for hours just eating and talking and playing (mostly us kids).

When I left Tennessee and moved to Chicago at 21 that all stopped.  I had no family there.  So, when it came to Thanksgiving (and sometimes Christmas) I was almost always alone.  I quickly got used to it as that’s just the way it was.

As the years progressed and I made my way to Los Angeles, the same thing persisted.  That is unless I was dating a girl around Turkey Day and she brought me to some shindig with her fam.  But it wasn’t the same.  These weren’t my people.  They were nice and kind, but if you asked me to remember on of their names, I would draw a blank.

However, this year has a bit of that old school feel.  I’ll be spending Eat So Much You Hate Yourself Day with Damien Hedgecoth (my best friend and constant collaborator) and having a Pie and Cocktail Soiree with the roomies on Saturday.  The important thing for me here is that I’m getting to spend a holiday that no longer has meaning to me with people who mean everrything to me.

So, put that in your peace pipe and smoke it!


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