I can’t even begin to comprehend how to praise the wonders of modern technology that are available to us in this day in age.   But I’m gonna start with Facebook.  That thing is just like real life, but better.  You can inform all your friends of your whereabouts, you can share your crappy music, you can chat, play games with friends, share your crappy videos – the possibilities are endless!  And just like in real life, you got farmers, both legit(crops) and illegal (pot), you got the fucking mafia running around, killing folks, not to mention actual real-life stalkers rummaging through your profile.

“What about you relationships”, you ask?  Well, it’s the same thing out there that it is in Facebook.  You get to tell everyone about you’re relationship status or get into a fight about “who’s that bitch in that picture with you?!” It even allows you to check out the profile of that chick our dude that you just met and see what kind of person they really are.  No more having to wait until you find out that they’re a Twilight fan and have to break up with them.  BAM!!!  9 times out of 10 it’s on their profile!  Thank you, Facebook!  You saved my time and energy.  Double threat!

“But what you’re saying is what goes on in the real world.  Outside of saving time, it doesn’t really seem that much different?”  How dare you, sir or madam!  Can you toss a pig at someone and have it be considered an act of love?  No, you can’t.  I’ve tried.  When I was a child, I dreamed of being on the 100,ooo Pyramid game show program.  But alas, those dreams were destroyed once I discovered that it had been canceled for awhile and I was watching reruns.   But now, thanks to Facebook games, I have fulfilled that life long wish…(begins to break down)…excuse me….(wipes tear from eye)…. Sorry.  It’s still an emotional topic for me.

Life, you’re full of misery and heart ache.  Facebook is like a glorious land we can all retreat into and forget about the perils of real life as we bask in the sunshiny glow of the best free social network that is available today.  Well, until the next big thing comes.  Twitter anyone?


Tongue Firmly In Cheek


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