BALL & CHAIN (2011)

“Ball & Chain” was a fun little concept conceived, written, and directed by my good friend Phil Haney.  Having worked with him on a few other things, he thought I would be good for the role of Ben.  So, he sent over the script, I read it, and, of course, agreed to do it.  Otherwise, this would’ve been a very short blog entry.

Any who, we shot this back in April and much like any other short project at this level, it had its hiccups.  But several months and a vat of elbow grease later, the project is finally done.  The concept is that of a married couple who’s been kidnapped by some deranged killer and locked in his (or her) basement.  But instead of following the killer and his horrible exploits, we stay with the couple, who continue to carry on with normal relationship-type banter.  The two extremes, juxtaposed against one another, is where the dry humor derives from.

So, without further adieu, here is BALL & CHAIN, in it’s entirety.

Episode 1:  The Stove

Episode 2:  Mouth Noise

Episode 3: The Break-up


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