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“Roofies” is a simple little online sketch that I wrote for me and Rob to do together in early May 2010.  Later that month, I would shoot “Horror Movies Suck” with Melissa Vilardo.   But you can read all about that in the HMS post, because this is all about “Roofies.”  This goofy sketch was directed by my longtime friend and frequent collaborator, Rob Lambert (director of “Yoga Man” and co-star of “Horror Movies Suck).  We shot in one afternoon with Garrett Rowe (director of photography), Damien Hedgecoth (associate producer), Charlie McEwen (Boom Op), and Brian Barnett (make-up) on hand to round out the crew.

Joe Clabby plays Mr. Clyde, a wealthy man with a litigious trigger finger.  There’s a dry, semi-weaselly quality to Joe’s performance that really sells the central joke as well as the dynamic between he and the Russian roofer.   Speaking of Boris, my job as that character was to lay as motionless as possible while conveying mild panic and vulnerability.  All in all it went well, except for the fact that I forgot to apply sunscreen.  So, I ended up sunburned on one side of my body from laying in that position during the 5 hour shoot.

Rob also worked with composer Pez Wilson (who scored “Yoga Man” and “Horror Movies Suck”) to create a Phillip Glass inspired score.  And for any of you folks out there who dig meta humor, the entire newspaper gag at the end is a callback to the character and newspaper that Don Carver/Haven worked for in “Yoga Man.”

All in all, even though it’s got a bit of a dark edge to the goofy proceedings, it’s a fun little piece.

“Yoga Man”, a dry, satirical comedy with absurdist flourishes, was directed by the talented Rob Lambert, who I also had the privilege of co-writing the script with.  It was a 5 day shoot that took place around December-ish 2009.  Rob had a very distinct vision of what he was going for in tone, something in between Fletch and Donnie Brasco, but with Evil Yogi’s instead of gangsters.

His mom having been a Yoga Instructor and having grown up around it, gave Rob unique comedic insight into the Yoga world.  So, when he asked me if I would be interested in playing Don Carver/Haven, I jumped at the chance, even if I didn’t really know much about Yoga except you get all stretchy.   Rob encouraged me to take some Yoga classes, which I immediately started.  Hell, he even went to a few with me.  I did that for about 2 and a half months, 3 to 4 times a week, up until Day 1 of principal photography.

And like with any film, it had its heartaches and uphill battles.  But, what survives is the final product.  And I think the final product is a really fun film that’s cleverly shot.  It had a pretty successful festival run and was a milestone in my career.  Check it out below!

My buddies and filmmaker’s in crime, Matt Stokes and Jen Losi, called me up one day in April 2008 and asked if I would be interested in working on a project with them for a contest for the MTV Movie Awards.  And because film is my one true addiction, I said “hell yes!’  Even though while doing this I was in the middle of moving and both production days coincided with my birthday party and my actual birthday.

But I thought the idea was fun and I love working with talented people who give a damn about what they’re doing.  I came on as a producer and to play the part of Mrs. Lovett in the “Sweeney Todd” segments.  This shoot was hard as hell and we were constantly under the wire, Matt and Jen carrying the brunt of this.  The night before the actual shoot, I think I got the most sleep out of all of us, a whopping 1 hour and change.

But shoot itself went pretty smoothly and I was able to manage to do my birthday party like a rock star and then get up the next day to shoot at my house where we shot all the Shia LeBeouf stuff from Disturbia, played by the hilarious Rob Lambert.  And this might not mean anything to anybody, but this is also when I met the wonderful Ms. Erin Burns (aka Boo-urns!)

As for the competition, we came in second, just barely being squeaked out by another film.  Regardless, the final product is a solid parody (Juno meets Sweeney Todd meets Disturbia meets Transformers) with pretty stellar production value for how cheap we were able to actual make it.  Take a look, won’t you?

RED-HANDED (2011) Review

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Here’s a screengrab from the recent review of my short film Red-Handed on the website