My buddies and filmmaker’s in crime, Matt Stokes and Jen Losi, called me up one day in April 2008 and asked if I would be interested in working on a project with them for a contest for the MTV Movie Awards.  And because film is my one true addiction, I said “hell yes!’  Even though while doing this I was in the middle of moving and both production days coincided with my birthday party and my actual birthday.

But I thought the idea was fun and I love working with talented people who give a damn about what they’re doing.  I came on as a producer and to play the part of Mrs. Lovett in the “Sweeney Todd” segments.  This shoot was hard as hell and we were constantly under the wire, Matt and Jen carrying the brunt of this.  The night before the actual shoot, I think I got the most sleep out of all of us, a whopping 1 hour and change.

But shoot itself went pretty smoothly and I was able to manage to do my birthday party like a rock star and then get up the next day to shoot at my house where we shot all the Shia LeBeouf stuff from Disturbia, played by the hilarious Rob Lambert.  And this might not mean anything to anybody, but this is also when I met the wonderful Ms. Erin Burns (aka Boo-urns!)

As for the competition, we came in second, just barely being squeaked out by another film.  Regardless, the final product is a solid parody (Juno meets Sweeney Todd meets Disturbia meets Transformers) with pretty stellar production value for how cheap we were able to actual make it.  Take a look, won’t you?


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