JohnMark Triplett’s “Video Blog” is a webseries using the video blog format to follow the misadventures of JohnMark Triplett (played by himself) as he tries to figure out relationships, fight money issues, and learn how to grow up.   Here’s the pilot episode.   Enjoy the decent down into the rabbit hole of madness!

JohnMark Triplett’s

Episode 1: “PILOT”

written & edited by

JohnMark Triplett

theme music by
Josh Kupanoff

editing supervisor
Melissa Vilardo

  1. Blake Hill says:

    You sir, are the flow of humorous ear was leaking from the brain of a stand up comedian that’s been impaled on an ugly stick. I loved it, DO IT AGAIN!

  2. trizzah says:

    Thank you, kind sir! More impaled comedian madness coming soon!

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