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Join Ian Leaf as he show you how to make sh*t in this ongoing Do-It-Yourself series.  Today’s episode is “Cupcakes.”

directed and edited – JohnMark triplett

Ian Leaf ……………….. Himself
Justin Kupanoff …….. Exercise Guy
Chloe ………………….. Squishy Dog Face

written – Ian Leaf and JohnMark Triplett

So,  my friend Sam Sero did this sketch a couple of months ago called “Billy Bob Thorton’s Acting Reel.”  It was pretty funny and got a lot of views and he wanted to do another acting reel.  This time with Christopher Walken.  He asked me if I was into it and I think the video below answers that question.  Enjoy!

Directed by Sam Sero

starring:  JohnMark Triplett

Written by JohnMark Triplett & Sam Sero

Produced by Poopdog Entertainment

Additional Directing & Sound: Tremain Hayhoe

Shot by Arthur Hong

Edited by Jarryd Meyer

Make Up by Brittany White

The new HD TV is out and, believe me, it’s trippy!

written, edited, & directed – JohnMark Triplett

cinematography – Erik T. Butts

Zach Mattson ……….. TV Watcher, Daisy Dukes, Pedro, Jack Bauer, and SWAT Team
JohnMark Triplett ….. 24 Announcer

special thanks:
Jeremy Hibnick
Josh Kupanoff