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Bored out of their minds, two friends decide to play a deadly game of “Shoot At Your Buddy.”

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett

Ian Leaf as “The Hawk”
JohnMark Triplett as “Beard-Face”

director of photography – Melissa Vilardo

“Only A Sketch” performed by Josh Kupanoff

produced – Ian Leaf, Jeremy Hibnick, JohnMark Triplett

VFX – JohnMark Triplett

JMTFilms Trailer

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Film, Madness
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So, as anyone who looks at this blog site, you can tell that I have a youtube channel.  And as you can see by the trailer in this blog post, it’s full of insanity and nonsense.  This is the poison I shall spread across the land.  Now, witness the decent of mankind.