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The extended Kung Fu Fight scene from the Tony Award winning sketch “MOTA SKURCH”

voices performed by Justin Kupanoff

Ian Leaf as “Ian Leaf”
Damien Hedgecoth as “Kung Fu Ken”
Caitlin Campbell as “Hot Betty”

Trip, Koop, and Ian try to figure out what sketch they’re gonna shoot next.

written, edited, and directed – JohnMark Triplett

Justin Kupanoff as “Himself”
Ian Leaf as “Himself”
JohnMark Triplett as “Himself”
Caitlin Campbell as “Hot Betty”
Damien Hedgecoth as “Kung Fu Ken”

cinematography – Arthur Hong
Instagram: arthrofl

“Ian Leaf Show Song” written and performed – Josh Kupanoff


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Bob has a nightmare and wakes the shit out of his girlfriend Carol.

Katie Young as Carol
JohnMark Triplett as Bob

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett