GTA V: Dead Drop

Here’s  the pilot to a new webseries based on the GRAND THEFT AUTO video game series that I acted in and did Camera Op for.


In this first episode, “Dead Drop” we follow Niko after his events in Grand Theft Auto IV (Liberty City) as he makes his transition over to Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto V).

Edward Vilderman as Niko:
JohnMark Triplett:
Melissa Crouch:
Yoshua Sudarso as Ski Mask Leader:
Peter Sudarso as Ski Mask #2:
Manny Shih as Ski Mask #3:…
Melissa’s Voice by: Ana Chen

Directed / Filmed / Edited by: Jay Ahn
Produced by: Paul Ballon & Jay Ahn
Post Production Supervisor: Jessicah Filipas
Written by: Jay Ahn
Audio / Grip by: Peter Forthum
2nd Camera Operator by: JohnMark Triplett
Music by: Duke Westlake “Indiglo”
Wardrobe by: Amanda Hosler
Props by: Randy Haggard
Executive Producer: Paul Ballon

Royalty Free Music courtesy of Pro Scores.

Special Thanks to Ed and the Mirador House.


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