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Hey, guys!  In this week’s episode of Marvel Mondays, Ammo and I talk about the upcoming DEADPOOL movie.  It’s insane that we’re finally getting a R-rated version of this character after WOLVERINE: ORIGINS had butchered the character beyond recognition.  They had perfect casting with Ryan Reynolds in the role and still turned the character into a horrible bastardization.  And now, after numerous years of blood, sweat, and tears from a team (including Mr. Reynolds) that desperately loves the character and wants to do him justice on the screen, it’s actually going to happen.  This is a Cinderella story for comic book geeks.  But the question remains, will people show up?  Guess we’ll find out on February 2016.

It’s almost Halloween and it’s time to get weird with my Lovecraft-inspiredy comedy sketch “CTHULHU’s PIZZA KITCHEN!!!”  Check it out … IF YOU DARE!!!!

edited & directed – JohnMark Triplett

Cast (in order of appearance):

Justin Kupanoff as Maurice Nyarlathotep
JohnMark Triplett as Erich Zahn
Katie Young as Woman in Hell
Kristen Carter as Slave # 1
Matthew Gaskill as Slave # 2
Caitlin Campbell as Slave # 3
Tyson Kroening as Slave # 4
Alisa Peterson as Slave # 5
Josh Kupanoff as Customer
Mary Risk as Hostess

cinematography: Aaron Hall

written: Justin Kupanoff & JohnMark Triplett

gaffer/AC: Arthur Hong

Sound & Mixing: Josh Kupanoff

Costumes: Amanda Hosler

VFX: JMT and Aaron Hall

“Cthulhu’s Pizza Kitchen jingle” written & performed by Josh Kupanoff

Isn’t it about time there was a male hygiene product?

Jason Ross Levy as Bro # 1

JohnMark Triplett as Bro # 2

Justin Kupanoff as The Spokesperson

written, edited directed: JMT


So, this is a parody of Ashley Madison, an a dating website for adultery.  Seriously.  It’s a real thing.

Katie Young

Mary Risk

written, edited, directed: JohnMark Triplett


Check out the promo for the new Tom Waits album!

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett

JohnMark Triplett as “Tom Waits”
Justin Kupanoff as “The Announcer”

cinematography – Melissa Vilardo

produced – Josh Kupanoff and JohnMark Triplett

vocal – JohnMark Triplett

music produced and performed – Josh Kupanoff