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A Super-sized episode on Spiderman with our guest SuperEd86.

with special guest:

Logan’s Lizards sketch:

Oscar’s Instagram: @oscarthemuppet

Created by: Ammo & Trip

Cam Op & Sound: Ian Leaf

Graphics: Elijah Cone and Trip

Who the fuck doesn’t like bloopers?  That’s right.  Nobody cuz bloopers are awesome.  I’d like to thank everyone for being part of this fun little experiment.  See you all next season!  Enjoy.

JohnMark Triplett’s “Video Blog” is a webseries using the video blog format to follow the misadventures of JohnMark Triplett (played by himself) as he tries to figure out relationships, fight money issues, and learn how to grow up.

JohnMark Triplett’s

Season 1 Bloopers

Christine Breihan
Damien Hedgecoth
Jeremy Hibnick
Justin Kupanoff
Charlie McEwen
Melissa Vilardo
Chloe the Dog

edited by
JohnMark Triplett

theme music by
Josh Kupanoff

editing supervisor
Melissa Vilardo