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I wrote a sketch parody for those crazy kids at NACHO PUNCH where I re-imagined this season of TRUE DETECTIVE as a TV sitcom.  So, whether you loved this season  or you absolutely hated it, you need to check this insanity out!


Peter Gilroy –
Ceciley Jenkins –
Mike McNeal –
Sean Laguna

Directed by Kurt Schmidt
Written and Edited by JohnMark Triplett
Shot by AK
Produced by Peter Forthun and Ryan Pfleiderer
Production Coordinator – JohnMark Triplett

Today’s topic on “Negative Affirmations” is SEX.

Jazmine Giovanni
Edward Vilderman –
Stefanie Seifer –
Justin Kupanoff –
Ashlyn Miyasaki
JohnMark Triplett –
Kimberly Westbrook
Karin Pyrak

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett

produced – Ian Maples & JohnMark Triplett

title cards – Ammo