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My friend Erin, who’s big in the anime community, showed me a trailer for this ridiculous anime show called Marvel’s Disk Wars: The Avengers.  Immediately, I was like, “we have to do this for the show.”  So, we both watched a solid chunk of episodes, which turned out to be very fun and super entertaining.  Check out our discussion about it in the video below.  I promise, it’s very funny.


Now, I make a lot of videos and I post them all over my social media platforms, but for some reason, my blog is where I cut the shit and get real with your sweet asses.  Today is my birthday and I’ve spent my morning promoting the new episode of Marvel Mondays, which I think is pretty cool.  Not only did Ammo and I get to see Avengers: Age of Ultron this week, but I got to do a man on the street segment for this Mondays episode.  It was super fun and I can’t wait to do it again!  So, I just wanted to give a super thanks to my friend and cameraman Yev Belilovskiy.  Thanks for your support and awesomeness!  And now, without any further adieu….



Hey, guys!  Being a huge comic book nerd, I started a show with my buddy Ammo (who has also edited several of my films) where we talk all things Marvel.  So, with Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out this weekend, we decided to have a 2-part discussion about it.  Check out the first episode here!  And be sure to keep your eyes open every Monday for a new episode.

Eric lashes out at his roommate Pete when he interrupts the most important game of the season.

Jason Ross Levy as Eric

JohnMark Triplett as Pete

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett

Tip On How To Control Your Anger: Every time you feel like you’re gonna get angry, just don’t.

Anybody ever walk in on your roommate to find them doing something completely horrific or idiotic?  This is that story.

JohnMark Triplett …………… “Danny”
Damien Hedgecoth………….”Kevin”

Zachary Mattson

written and edited:
JohnMark Triplett

JohnMark Triplett
Damien Hedgecoth
Justin Kupanoff
Zachary Mattson