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I wrote a sketch parody for those crazy kids at NACHO PUNCH where I re-imagined this season of TRUE DETECTIVE as a TV sitcom.  So, whether you loved this season  or you absolutely hated it, you need to check this insanity out!


Peter Gilroy –
Ceciley Jenkins –
Mike McNeal –
Sean Laguna

Directed by Kurt Schmidt
Written and Edited by JohnMark Triplett
Shot by AK
Produced by Peter Forthun and Ryan Pfleiderer
Production Coordinator – JohnMark Triplett

It’s almost Halloween and it’s time to get weird with my Lovecraft-inspiredy comedy sketch “CTHULHU’s PIZZA KITCHEN!!!”  Check it out … IF YOU DARE!!!!

edited & directed – JohnMark Triplett

Cast (in order of appearance):

Justin Kupanoff as Maurice Nyarlathotep
JohnMark Triplett as Erich Zahn
Katie Young as Woman in Hell
Kristen Carter as Slave # 1
Matthew Gaskill as Slave # 2
Caitlin Campbell as Slave # 3
Tyson Kroening as Slave # 4
Alisa Peterson as Slave # 5
Josh Kupanoff as Customer
Mary Risk as Hostess

cinematography: Aaron Hall

written: Justin Kupanoff & JohnMark Triplett

gaffer/AC: Arthur Hong

Sound & Mixing: Josh Kupanoff

Costumes: Amanda Hosler

VFX: JMT and Aaron Hall

“Cthulhu’s Pizza Kitchen jingle” written & performed by Josh Kupanoff

The deadliest female assassin in the world takes on a new assignment.

Katie Young as “Violet Red”
JohnMark Triplett as “Jack Handler”
Justin Kupanoff as “Seth Gardner”

written, edited, directed: JohnMark Triplett

special thanks to Melissa “Tiny Dukes” Vilardo


Isn’t it about time there was a male hygiene product?

Jason Ross Levy as Bro # 1

JohnMark Triplett as Bro # 2

Justin Kupanoff as The Spokesperson

written, edited directed: JMT


So, this is a parody of Ashley Madison, an a dating website for adultery.  Seriously.  It’s a real thing.

Katie Young

Mary Risk

written, edited, directed: JohnMark Triplett


Things escalate quickly when Brad shows off his new gun to his friend Nick.

Jason Ross Levy as Nick

JohnMark Triplett as Brad

written, edited directed: JMT



Christopher Walken shares his thoughts about technology.

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett

cinematography – Melissa Vilardo

Walken Makeup – Brian Barnett

Leave a comment below and let me know what other topics you want Walken to tackle.