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Hey, guys!  In this week’s episode of Marvel Mondays, Ammo and I talk about the upcoming DEADPOOL movie.  It’s insane that we’re finally getting a R-rated version of this character after WOLVERINE: ORIGINS had butchered the character beyond recognition.  They had perfect casting with Ryan Reynolds in the role and still turned the character into a horrible bastardization.  And now, after numerous years of blood, sweat, and tears from a team (including Mr. Reynolds) that desperately loves the character and wants to do him justice on the screen, it’s actually going to happen.  This is a Cinderella story for comic book geeks.  But the question remains, will people show up?  Guess we’ll find out on February 2016.

Who hasn’t had this exact experience when talking to a telemarketer?

Justin Kupanoff as Alan Torkelson
JohnMark Triplett as The Salesman
Melissa Vilardo’s back as Female Co-Workers Back

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett
cinematography – Melissa Vilardo


Bored out of their minds, two friends decide to play a deadly game of “Shoot At Your Buddy.”

written, edited, directed – JohnMark Triplett

Ian Leaf as “The Hawk”
JohnMark Triplett as “Beard-Face”

director of photography – Melissa Vilardo

“Only A Sketch” performed by Josh Kupanoff

produced – Ian Leaf, Jeremy Hibnick, JohnMark Triplett

VFX – JohnMark Triplett