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Hey, guys!  In this week’s episode of Marvel Mondays, Ammo and I talk about the upcoming DEADPOOL movie.  It’s insane that we’re finally getting a R-rated version of this character after WOLVERINE: ORIGINS had butchered the character beyond recognition.  They had perfect casting with Ryan Reynolds in the role and still turned the character into a horrible bastardization.  And now, after numerous years of blood, sweat, and tears from a team (including Mr. Reynolds) that desperately loves the character and wants to do him justice on the screen, it’s actually going to happen.  This is a Cinderella story for comic book geeks.  But the question remains, will people show up?  Guess we’ll find out on February 2016.

Anybody ever walk in on your roommate to find them doing something completely horrific or idiotic?  This is that story.

JohnMark Triplett …………… “Danny”
Damien Hedgecoth………….”Kevin”

Zachary Mattson

written and edited:
JohnMark Triplett

JohnMark Triplett
Damien Hedgecoth
Justin Kupanoff
Zachary Mattson